Friday, January 18, 2013

Snowman Brownies on a Stick

I did not intend to make candy coated snowman brownies on a stick.  I had visions of cute little bite-sized brownie trees that we could decorate with sprinkles.  Take a look at the cute little snowman sans candy coating.  Not so cute, huh?
Not very tree-like either.
 What else was I to do with this fail?
I overfilled the molds.  Yep...apparently brownies rise just like all of the other baked goods from my oven.  Overfilling was just part of the problem.  Even if the brownies had baked level with the tops of the mold, they would not have come out without crumbling into a big heaping mess...which was the case with the second round.
I was not going to waste perfectly good brownie scraps, so I rolled them into balls, skewered them, candy coated them and decorated with a few sprinkles.  The brownies, looking nothing like trees, were indeed salvaged.
I washed the mold and grabbed the lime box of Jell-o my daughter had asked me to make earlier that night.  Ohhhhh....little tree Jell-o Jigglers.  She would LOVE them.
Total fail again.  Couldn't get the Jell-o out of the molds.  Was the new mini-tree mold a total waste?  I had one more idea.  Candy melts.  Good ol' reliable candy melts. My mini heart silicon molds made great Nutella filled Chocolate Godiva hearts last year.
 I placed some sprinkles in the mold before drizzling the candy melts into the molds:
 As soon as the candy set, the trees popped right out of the molds.
I was in a major hurry because these trees had somewhere they needed to be, so I globbed piped a quick chocolate trunk and went out the door.  
As for the snowmen, they were thoroughly enjoyed by the kids for our Winter Wonderland Party.

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  1. Love those snowmen. What a great idea to use brownie scraps like that. Too cute!



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