Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Post-Holiday Winter Wreath

I wanted to make a wreath I could use beyond December.  When all of the Christmas decor gets packed away for another 11mos, this pretty DIY wreath can stay up through January & February.  This wreath is bright, full and it shimmers.
Supplies:  wire ribbon (5 rolls shown, 3 used for this wreath), glittery deco mesh, glitter ornament balls, cable zip ties, wired floral picks, 16" Styrofoam wreath, scissors.  I have about $50 in materials for this wreath, but I could have made a second wreath for an additional $10 (Styrofoam form & more ornaments).  2 wreaths = $60 or $30ea.
The construction of the wreath is just like the witch wreath I made in October:
I grabbed an assortment of wire ribbon after Halloween- you just can't beat 50 yards at $7.99/roll at Costco.  Loop the ribbon 5 or 6 times- gathering at the bottom & looping up, gathering the bottom & looping up, etc.  Secure the bottom of the loops with a cable zip tie.
Insert the end of the cable zip tie into the Styrofoam form.  Continue making ribbon loop clusters and filling in the wreath.  Trim the excess zip tie from the back of the wreath.
Using a wired floral pick, thread the wire through the ornament and then twist until the 2-3 balls are secure.  Insert the pick into the wreath.
I sat on my tile floor to create this wreath and I was covered head to toe with glitter.  The sheer glittery polka-dot ribbon & glittery deco mesh shed so much glitter I looked like an ornament.
I did have this wreath up a hallway for Christmas.  It went so well with the wall tree with cookie ornaments.  Very girly...said the boys.
Yes it is and it makes me happy.  It's like a glittery burst of sunshine for this cold, cold winter.
Is it cold where you live?  This is day 11 of -F temps.  Good for the snow sticking around. Not so good for inhaling outdoors.

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  1. I love this wreath and all the pretty colors! This is absolutely worth pinning!

    T'onna @ Submarine Sunday #14



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