Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Downhill Skiing Sugar Cookies

The boys were headed out skiing for New Year's Day.  I'll ski, but skiing it isn't my favorite winter activity.  I'd rather run or snowshoe- avoiding lifts and lines, a lot of people and the price of a lift ticket- or stay home and decorate cookies.  I had some skiing cookies in mind with a set of round cookies.  I started frosting some cookies New Year's Eve day.
 The cookies were frosted with vanilla frosting and covered with white sanding sugar:
Then I began adding pretty sugar pearls.  Large pearls for the 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock & 9 o'clock positions and small sugar pearls for the rest of the o'clock numbers.  Right before I started piping clock hands with countdown numbers:  10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1...I remembered I was going to make a set of skiing cookies with the round cookies- not countdown clocks for New Year's Eve.  I bet they would have been pretty clocks.
 The sugar pearls were replaced by tree sprinkles:
I started doing individual cookies and then decided to put them together to create a downhill though you are looking at the ski mountain (similar to the golf cookie scene I created this summer).  The skiers were created with black frosting in a Ziploc bag with a tiny corner snipped for piping.
My brother said I should have included a yard sale.  Don't get it?  A yard sale refers to a skier or snowboarder who crashes and loses skis in one direction, poles in another, and hat & gloves scattered about the hill.
Now go hit the slopes!

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  1. Wow!! Great creativity and happy new year! Thanks for sharing..



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