Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Animal Tracks in the Snow - Tubbs Ambassador

This is one of the bald eagles commonly perched above the creek as I turn into work each day.
After weeks of sub-zero temperatures, we hit a warm 17F blue-sky day we couldn't pass up.  The day started with a bald eagle sighting and we'd see two more by the time we strapped our snowshoes to our feet.  We headed down #10 fairway and then up the steep snow-covered cart path to #8.  We had a nice mix of wide open powder, steep climbing snow pack and deep snow drifted bunkers.  My kids are getting really good at identifying animal tracks in the snow-  snowshoe hare, deer, elk, coyote and field mice are the most common tracks we spot on our treks, but today we spotted a new track just beyond a field mouse track.  The kids predicted an eagle or hawk wing print...maybe when it swooped down to grab the field mouse??!  We did a little research when we got back home and I think they were right.  Perfect fit for the eagle themed day!
Filed Mouse Track
Eagle wing print in the snow
2nd Eagle wing print ahead of the 1st print
Guess the track...
The bald eagle flies away.

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