Sunday, December 2, 2012

Trail Cake

I wanted to try a new cake, unlike any of the others and one I had not seen anywhere.  This cake represents some of my favorite time spent with my children- out on the trails.
Everything on the cake is edible.  The rocks are gum paste.  The trail is brown sugar.  The rest is cake and frosting.
 I baked two 9"x9" square white cakes and the trimmed the edges on all four sides.
 Froze the cake overnight and frosted in the morning.
 To make the gum paste rocks, color some gumpaste gray, brown, black, & brown.
Pinch off the colors you want to marble for the rock and knead the colors until they swirl and then shape into a rock.  Make a variety of colors, sizes and shapes.  It's easy enough that my daughter made half of the rocks by herself.
 I colored the frosting dark brown for a "dirt" base.
 Next, sprinkle a brown sugar trail.
 Start piping green frosting (with Wilton tip #233) for the grasses and place the rocks.
I made shoe prints and then later smoothed them out of the trail.  Any trail runner knows that you should not leave deep tread impressions in the trail!
We decided to make a creek on the other side of the trail- just like one of our favorite trails.
For the water, I didn't mix all of the sky blue food coloring into the white frosting so I could make white water moving around the rocks like a real creek.
I feel like I say this with each new cake: "This is my new favorite!"
Time for cake and then a trail or trail and then benefits the other.


  1. Oh my word!!!! Another absolutely amazing cake!!!!

  2. Awesome cake!! I'm sooo pinning it! Really wow, what an amazing cake! Great job :)



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