Monday, December 24, 2012

Santa & Elf Sugar Cookies

Santa has his helpers.  I have mine.  The boys went skiing for the day, so I asked my daughter what she wanted to do.  "Make cookies for Santa!"  After spending most of Saturday baking, I sort of had snowshoeing in mind.
What's one more day with the oven on and Christmas songs playing in the background?  Tomorrow is Christmas and then we'll have lots of time for outside activities.  Sugar cookie recipe is here.
This cookie cutter is the Wilton Comfort Grip Santa head.  Spread red frosting over the hat for Santa and blue/green for the elves. Sprinkle with matching colored sanding sugar.
 Then spread flesh colored frosting over the face- leaving space for Santa's beard on the Santa cookies.
 I piped the hat trims and Santa's beard/mustache with a star tip.
Santa Cookies:  Place two blue sprinkles for Santa's eyes.  Pipe a small dot of flesh tone frosting for Santa's nose.  Pipe a small eyebrow over Santa's eye.  Pipe a black mouth between the mustache & beard.
Elf Cookies:  Pipe brown frosting hair below the elf's hat.  Pipe a large white oval for the eyes. Pipe a smaller green/blue oval for the eyeball.  Add a white sprinkle to the eye.  Pipe a small eyebrow.  Pipe a flesh tone frosting circle for the nose and pipe pointy ears.  Pipe a black mouth.
One more Santa cookie post coming!  Click here to view.

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