Thursday, December 20, 2012

Powdered Donut Snowmen

My cousin posted a photo of mini-powdered donut snowmen she made for her kids.  Since I was home from work today using up vacation days and preparing for my kids' classroom holiday parties, I grabbed a package of mini-powdered donuts and a package of powdered donut holes to go with the 4 other treats being delivered by 1pm.  No oven required for these snowmen (unless you make your own powdered donuts).  It was -14F this morning!  The oven could have helped heat the house.
Supplies:  powdered mini-donuts, powdered donut holes, wooden skewers, candy corn (my cousin used an orange jelly bean), gumballs and/or gumdrops or any round candy, mini-chocolate chips for the eyes & mouth (I piped black frosting), licorice ropes for the scarf (I piped frosting instead).
 She used three mini donuts instead of a donut hole- both versions are super cute.
You can use any round candy on hand for the buttons.  I had gumballs & gumdrops left over from our pretzel cabins.  Press the candy corn into the powdered donut hole (head).  Remove candy corn and add a little frosting to the bottom of the candy corn to secure to the powdered donut.  Add frosting to secure the candy for the buttons as well (otherwise it will roll off).
Some of the candy corn had orange tips instead of white at the tip, so I picked most of those and used only a few with white on the tip.  Pipe dot for the eyes and mouth with black frosting or place mini-chocolate chips.
 It's he/she just cute?!
 The full snowman is a pretty big treat.  You could just place the donuts on a tray without piercing them with a skewer and serve as individual donuts.
 Oh, the scarves!  I didn't have any rope type candy, so I colored some frosting sky blue and piped a scarf with white pouf at the end.
This fun no-bake treat takes only minutes to assemble.
The snowmen were a major hit with the 3rd & 4th graders...and the teachers...and the other parents.  For more holiday ideas, follow Worth Pinning on Facebook by clicking here.



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