Monday, December 31, 2012

How to Make New Year's Eve Noise Makers

You still have plenty of time to pull together this fun New Year's Eve noise maker craft to ring in the New Year with your kids.  Suggested Supplies:  to-go container lids, assorted Sharpie colors, yarn, beads, scissors, hot glue gun with glue sticks, hard candy, swizzle stick or chop sticks & glitter.
 Decorate two lids with the Sharpies and/or glitter.  It is easiest to make the glitter design with your hot glue and then add glitter.  If you don't have a glue gun, use Elmer's glue and allow time to dry.
 Make a small notch on the side of one lid for the noise maker handle (chop stick or plastic swizzle stick):
Cut about a 4-5" piece of yarn and knot the bottom.  String a couple of beads and hot glue the yarn ends to the inside of one lid.
Place a blob of hot glue in the center of the lid and place a candy to support/even the end of the stick.  An M&M worked well for the spacing.
 M&Ms crack in half when you shake them in the noise maker, so try to use harder candy like Red Hots...
 ...or gumballs:
Place a thin strip of hot glue around the edge of one lid and place the other lid on top.  Now shake, rattle and twist!  When you twist side-to-side, the beads beat the lids like a drum.
 Again, if you don't have hot glue, you can use tape.
 It's almost...
This craft only takes about 20 minutes and all of our supplies were gathered from around the house = no cost craft.  The kids can even break open their noise makers at midnight (or 9pm if that is your midnight) and eat the candy.  Then they'll stay awake for real midnight.
Happy New Year!  Be safe, enjoy, and make plenty of noise!


  1. These are a great idea! Do you know where to buy the to-go lids?



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