Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Party Floral Arrangments

Is there a holiday party you look forward to year after year?  One filled with culinary treats and awe-inspiring holiday decorations?  When the florist didn't return any phone calls, my mom mentioned to her friend that I used to be a florist.  After my wholesale sources fell through with such short notice, I had to make it work with whatever I could pick up between grocery store bouquets and Costco bunches of flowers.
Oh what a difference it makes to have a flower cooler full of fresh stems.  The white lilies were closed tight.   The warm water and warm blow dryer did little to speed the blooming process.  After a second trip to both stores for more flowers, I finished the 5 arrangements and delivered them with about an hour to spare before we needed to head out the door as guests for the party.
The tree dripping in crystal:
 My favorite decorated tree is the 17' tree filled with Santa heads...
My kids counted close to 1200 Santas around the house.
 I bet there are more than 1200.
She said the arrangements were exactly as she had envisioned.  Whew.

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