Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Decorated Pretzel Cabins

While we were baking the gingerbread houses this year, my son said he wanted to make his "gingerbread house" out of pretzels.  The kids didn't mind if I took over the gingerbread houses, so the pretzel cabins became the family project.  
Welcome to our holiday ranch:  pretzel cabin, pretzel barn and pretzel doghouse.
The decorations:  gumballs, M&Ms, spiced gumdrops, red hots & sprinkles.
I wasn't going to have the patience for constructing the structures with pretzels & royal icing to keep it edible, so I warmed up the glue gun.  I didn't have any pattern or plans.  We just sort of winged it.  Supplies:  rod pretzels, pretzel sticks, hot glue gun & sticks, serrated knife to cut the pretzels to length. I found it was easier to cut the pretzels to shape/size once they were already glued together.  The pretzels seemed to crumble less this way.
Here are the doghouse pieces:
Finally.  Time to decorate.
I stood back, took photos and told them what a great job they were doing.
I can be crazy directive when the kids are helping me decorate cookies or a cake.  Not this project.  This was all about them.
They carefully piped and placed their candy details with the tweezers..."just like Mom".
The snowy cabin:
The barn:
At first, the kids argued over the barn.  They both wanted to decorate the largest structure and I didn't have enough rod pretzels to construct another one.  I offered to make a doghouse with the pretzel sticks- which immediately appeased my daughter.  
She wants to open a pet shop bakery one day.
Gingerbread houses have become our little family tradition over the years, but we all agreed that we liked the pretzel cabins just as much...if not more.
For instruction on these more traditional gingerbread houses, click here.


  1. I'd stick them together with boiled sugar instead of hot glue still fast but 100% edible

    1. how do you make the boiled sugar? I have never heard of this.

    2. Pour granulated sugar in a pot, heat slowly to "soft ball" stage (if you dont have a candy thermometer, drop small amount into cold water and pull out. Should be plyable and sticky).

  2. These are cute! Congratulations for such a nice blog!

  3. These are fantastic. I think I prefer the log cabin-y look of the pretzel version to the gingerbread version. Very nice, congrats to all of you. Pinning!

  4. It's AMAZING !!!
    I just loooooooooove it

  5. Wow, these are awesome. So beautiful and rustic but realistic too.

    Thanks for linking up on Sugar & Slice Sunday link party. You've been featured! Hope to see you at the New Year's party. :)

    Sweet 2 Eat Baking

  6. Hello! Thanks for linking up at Submarine Sunday! I just wanted to let you know that I featured your pretzel cabins at this week's party! Stop by and grab a featured button and please link up again soon!!!


  7. I made these years ago and used a glue gun too. I felt like I cheated, so glad to see that I am not the only one to us the glue gun.

  8. Pipe out melted chocolate onto wax paper covered cookie sheets. Lay ht pretzels in the choc and chill for 10 min or so...they will be just as firm, still edible and way less difficult than boiled sugar. YUM.

  9. This looks very much like fun. If I do it I think I will use Royal Icing for the glue. You can change the color to any color you want from brown to look like mud to leaving it alone to look like snow and it gets very hard when dry. It is also edible. I have done the sugar cube items and I have also used cardboard and whipped wax also years ago and that was fun too.

  10. This sounds and looks like a fun project. I would use Royal Icing for the glue and it would be great as you can change its color for various parts (brown for mud, white (natural) for snow) and if you wanted some winter flowers you could make them too. I have done the sugar cube items and cardboard and whipped wax in the past so now I think pretzels is my next project to try.

  11. That is really beautiful! I am afraid if I tried this mine would look more like a condemned house! Good Job!

  12. So very cute! I love this idea! Pinning for later!

  13. Awesome! I'm adding this post to a blogpost I'm doing of some compiled links of ideas to do at Christmastime. Is it okay to include one of your photos with the link as well?

  14. So cute! I am including this post in a list of Christmas activities for kids. is it okay to use an image as well? Thanks!

  15. Omgosh, these are just too cute! I have to make these! I love pretzels too. Pinning!



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