Sunday, November 11, 2012

Skier Cake

Here is a skier cake made with one 6" chocolate layer of cake and buttercream frosting.
 The skier is sculpted from gumpaste.
 He is lying in the snow with his ski tips pointing different directions.  One pole is in the snow and one is lying next to him.  That's sort of the way I feel after a day of skiing.
Here's how you get started:  gumpaste, angel hair pasta, food coloring, tools.  I started wirth his ski boots and worked up.  Time was limited, so I planned to paint the ski boots and snow pants with food coloring rather than mixing the color into the gumpaste.  It's messy!
Use the angel hair pasta to attach the boots to the pants and the pants to the ski jacket and the arms to the ski jacket and ski jacket to the gloves and the head to the ski jacket.  Add a hat and goggles.  The poles are angel hair pasta (painted with food coloring) with gumpaste handles and baskets (who knew the bottom of the ski pole was called a basket??).
 You can sculpt a face or paint one with food coloring.
 The skis are sculpted from green gumpaste.
 The cake boarder is black frosting piped with a black candy pearl center.
Ski season kicks off soon.  Good thing there is a blizzard outside right now!
This cake was made in honor of a friend who passed away earlier this year.  He was a top dog in the ski instructing industry, and I can't help but think he'd look down and get a little chuckle from this cake.  We love you and we miss you!

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