Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fall Fondant Leaf Cookie

Ever get excited about a new idea for a cookie or cake design?  I thought I had a really good idea for the extra fondant from the Words With Friends cake and some leaf sugar cookies.  
 I rolled out both colors of fondant and sliced strips with a pizza cutter.
 Then alternated the fondant colors....
 Cut the left side going one direction and the right side the opposite direction...
 And when I lined the two sides up to create a v pattern with the leaf vein going down the middle....
 It didn't line up.  Not at all.
I tried with a smaller leaf cookie and cutter and then decided I sort of cut the fondant upside down for that one.
 So, I scrapped the full cookie and decided to do half fondant...
 ...half sanding sugar.
Maybe someone else will like them.
It's pretty rare for me to tell the kids to have at 'em.  My son came in from playing in the snow and finished off four or five.

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