Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pumpkin Inside the Cake

I made the iambaker ornament surprise cake last year for my brother's 40th.  It was so much fun to cut into the cake and see and hear everyone's reactions.  Next, I wanted to try a pumpkin inside the cake for our Halloween party.
The outside of the double layer chocolate cake is frosted with buttercream and piped with a simple black spider web accented with black sugar pearls and black frosting spiders dangling down the sides.  But when you cut into the cake...
 Surprise!  A bright orange pumpkin with green stem!
 Here is a quick tutorial on how to make this pumpkin surprise cake.  Mix a white cake to make cupcakes.  Add orange food coloring to 6-8 cupcakes for a 6" cake.  Add green food coloring to at least one cupcake for the pumpkin stem:
 Bake 350F for approximately 16 minutes:
 Bake two 6" round chocolate cakes.  Crumble the orange cupcakes into a bowl.  Crumble a green cupcake into a separate bowl.
Use a round cookie cutter and press gently into one layer of the cake just enough to start the rounded shape you will remove from the top layer.  Think dome shape.  My measuring cups are rounded at the bottom and work well to help shape the dome (or half pumpkin).  Add about a teaspoon of frosting to the crumbled green cupcake and combine.  Cut a small circle all the way to the bottom of the top layer of the cake.  You will then insert/press the green mixture all the way to the bottom.  See center photo.
Next, press the orange mixture (crumbled orange cupcake with 2-3 tablespoons of frosting) firmly into both domes.  Compact the orange mixture enough so it will hold its shape when you cut into the cake.  I added a strip of Nutella for the filling between the two layers of chocolate cake.  Flip the layer with the green stem on top of the other layer.  Crumb coat, frost and decorate. Thanks again to iambaker for the original inspiration.
Enjoy serving this fun cake!  To see the whole party, click here.

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  1. That is so neat! What a surprise when there's a pumpkin in your halloween cake! Love it!



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