Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Peacock Costume

The inspiration for the costume came from this mask she got for her birthday...
...and this pin:
She already had:  Purple Long-sleeve Turtleneck...
...and Blue Skinny Jeans.
The felt peacock feathers are pretty self explanatory.
Supplies:  3 pieces of brown felt.  Cut in thirds and then in half.  Trim to tear drop shape.
 2 pieces of green felt.  Cut in quarters and then in thirds.  Trim to oval shape.
 Stack green on top of brown.
 1 piece of blue felt. Cut in fifths & then quarters.  Cut heart shape.  Stack on top of green.
 I ended up making a variety of color combinations for the felt feathers.  Here is a purple/blue/lavender feather.  Stitch down the length of the feather with yellow thread.
 Reverse and stitch back to the starting point.  
 Turn feather and stitch 4-6 feather veins.
The floor length tulle skirt is sewn to an elastic waistband and then tacked in the front so the front of the skirt is shorter than the back.
Now safety pin the feathers to the tulle skirt.
It was getting a bit chilly while we were outside pinning the feathers.  The tulle is glittery, so I didn't want glitter all over the house
The back of the skirt with the mask
From the back...
Total cost:  tulle and felt  $6
What we already had:  Jeans $15, Turtleneck $7,  Mask $12,  Scarf $5


  1. This is such a great costume, well done! Your little girl looks gorgeous wearing it :)

  2. This is adorable - I love it! Thanks for joining us at the CHQ Blog Hop - hope to see you again next week!

  3. Very cute costume. That pin was in my shortlist of Halloween ideas this year. Thanks for sharing how you did it :)



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