Thursday, October 25, 2012

Happy Haunting Halloween Party

Welcome to our Happy Haunting Halloween Party!  Scroll down to see a surprise pumpkin in the middle of the cake, lemon pudding and fruit candy corn cups, creepy witch finger cookies, shiny red candy apples, graveyard and spell book cupcakes, chewy chocolate cookies with bats flying over candy moons, colorful haunted house, cauldron, black cat, jack-o-lantern, Frankenstein and glittery bat sugar cookies, poison bottle filled with cranberry juice and witch's potion filled with green enhanced Squirt and Orange Crush.  Watch out for the chocolate covered bing cherry beetle shells!  Tutorials for this entire party can be found on this post.
Cake Tutorial here.
-Party Credit & Resources-
Styling & Photography:  WorthPinning
Happy Haunting Bunting:  Free Printable provided by secondsister suaviloquy
Spider Web Backdrop:  Scribble Monsters Spider Web Fabric
All desserts made by WorthPinning.  For detailed Tutorials, click here.


  1. WOW. I am actually at a loss for words. This is incredible!! The background is perfect!! The glasses are super creepy and no matter how thirsty I was, I don't think I could touch one for anything. :)The cupcake holders are so cool! Your cookies are adorable and the cake -- FANTASTIC!! I am SO GLAD you shared this!! WOW!

  2. Awesome Party! I'm featuring it over on my blog this Friday!

  3. Loving the tiered treat tray!



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