Friday, October 5, 2012

Environmental Art- Aspen Leaves

We gathered a few hundred fallen aspen leaves last weekend during a 4 hour hike on a favorite running trail.  As we started feeling rain drops on our heads, we decided we should make it back down the trail a little faster than the ascent- but that would require passing up all the beauties we missed on the way up.  Each leaf seemed prettier and more unique than the previous leaf.
During the hike, I took a photo of a stack of leaves with my so-far-favorite leaf on top.  A friend commented that the photo (above) reminded her of British sculptor and environmental artist Andy Goldsworthy.  You can view some of his work here.  We had a project in mind for the leaves, but first, as daylight was fading, I plopped down on my back patio and sorted the leaves into piles according to coloring.
I wanted to take a photo of the leaves in their temporary state- flat, still soft to the touch and not dried out with their edges curled.  Inspired by images of Andy Goldsworthy's work, I grabbed a handful of the darkest stack and just scattered them in a circle and continued layering handfuls in a color gradient swirl.
  I worked hastily as dusk was fast approaching. 
Then, snapped a few photos and gathered the leaves to start the intended project inside.
 I didn't know how much I would fall in love with the images until I saw them on my computer screen.
Thank you, Mr. Goldsworthy, for the inspiration.
all images ©worthpinning



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