Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cauldron Cookies

As we were sorting through our Halloween cookie cutters, I spotted a Christmas cutter that would work to make a witch's cauldron.  I had never made a witch cauldron cookie, but I already had the finished cookie visualized in my mind.
Forget seasons when looking through your cutters.  Instead, look at the shapes.  
Here's what I used:  Wilton Santa Comfort Grip Cookie Cutter.  
 Blank sugar cookies ready for icing:
 Outline in black:
 Fill in the bottom of the cauldron.  If you want the potion to bubble over the edge, place the bubbles (candy pearls) while the icing is still wet:  
Add the rim to the cauldron with more bubbles spilling from the edge:
 Glob with green icing for the boiling witch's potion and place more bubbles:
 Filling the orange and green...
 I added a background color behind the handle (or Santa's hat) using purple frosting rather than royal icing and a Nutella broom stick handle to stir the potion.
 Pipe orange and yellow flames at the base of the cauldron:
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1 comment :

  1. super cute! Love the flames!!
    Great use of your cutter too!



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