Monday, September 24, 2012

Playroom Wall- Adding the Vinyl Trees

I knew I wanted some sort of hand painting, stenciling or vinyl design on the dark chocolate playroom wall and went back and forth and put it on the back burner.  The wall sat bare for a couple of years..
I've always liked the birch trees on this nursery:
The storage bench became the anchor for the wall and then there was another long pause.  I finally got a spark of motivation when I painted a new mirror from black/gold to turquoise/white and hung it on the wall.
I considered hand painting, but I know this room will become one of the kids' rooms in the next year or so and didn't want to have to paint over tree lines.  I vetoed the birch tree wall stencil because my eye kept picking up the repetitive pattern of the stencil.  I continued to be drawn to vinyl tree designs selling for approx. $60-$100 and then found a vendor with a high rating selling for under $30.
Vinyl decals are pretty much a no-brainer.  They are easy to apply and they are removable.  I have skip troweled walls in my house and the vinyl provides nice crisp lines even on textured walls.
I didn't apply the trees in the sequence the vendor had neatly mapped out in a color diagram for application.  I also didn't add most of the leaves, but may add more over time.  This was never a wall I wanted to rush and I'm glad I took my time in deciding what would work best for the space.

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  1. Great job! I had the black winter trees at our old ouse and loved them on the light gray background. This is so dramatic. Love!!!



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