Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Playroom- the room tour

Someone told me this is too clean to be a playroom.  That was my intent all along.  I wanted a place for everything- tucked, hidden, & put away.  I am my mother's daughter.  The closet was an organized mess & catch all.  I'd ride the bike on the trainer and watch TV while the kids would drag most everything out of the closet and work on projects.  Drove me nuts.
We started with the closet into a home office project as a homework space for the kids.  They still prefer to plant themselves at the kitchen counter for homework while I make dinner and clean up.  The closet office looks like my space from the outside with my pin-board and wall calendars, but tucked behind the drawers and curtains are papers, projects and supplies for the kids to create.  Now the kids' projects stay (mostly) in the closet instead of strung out all over the playroom floor- making it more likely for me to unroll my yoga mat across the floor at 6am.
Oh, I picked up two k-12th grade photo frames at Target over the summer.  I had never really done anything with their school photos and even managed to misplace two years' worth that I could luckily reorder from the photographer (so much for always trying to select the cheapest photo package each year!) and will likely relocate soon.  It is cute to see the side-by-side photos of how they change from one year to the next.
The storage bench project, here, is widely popular on Pinterest.  It has a hinged top and opens to more storage behind the cubbies.  It is great storage for items I don't want to stick in the attic like sleeping bags, backpacking gear, and extra coats.  The cubbies hold more craft supplies, hats & visors, Wii stuff, yoga mats/blocks/straps, etc.
The bench is large enough to use as lounging space for 2 to 3 kids or will comfortably sleep a full size adult.
The view to the other side...
The lime green wall needs something, but we're only a year or two from turning the room into one of the kids' rooms, so I'll leave it be until then.  For now, I'll just enjoy that I still get a space to call a "playroom".

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  1. It's the vinyl trees that are the best part! I love the white on back! We have some black vinyl trees in our loft, but they are black on light blue, I love the drama in there!

    I use the K-12 picture frames for baby frames, 1-12 months, but now that my oldest is in kindergarten, I guess I'll have to start one for the school years too!




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