Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fall Aspen Color

Not many people can sneak away from work for an hour to run a trail lined with golden aspen leaves holding beaded rain drops.  The sun tucked behind the recent rain clouds still managed to illuminate the entire outdoor space.  While the main color was gold popping against the dark colored dirt, rocks and tree limbs, there were bits of radiant color scattered about- fiery reds, blazing oranges, crisp greens,  and even hues of purple.   

I collected a pocketful of leaves to share with my daughter- wishing she was there with me instead of stuck in a classroom and knowing she'd love to be hand selecting a collection of her own.  We'll get back up there over the weekend.  I could have spent the entire day on that trail (or at least the rest of it).  If I had my phone with me and cell service available, I may have called back sick...or well.  Too well to come back to work.  We could all use a few wellness days.

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