Friday, September 14, 2012

Cupcakes for School

These cupcakes evolved from the original plan.  First plan involved notebook paper for some of the cupcakes, footballs and soccer balls for other cupcakes, and books for a few cupcakes.  All of the September birthdays for my daughter's 3rd grade class were celebrated in the same day and I wanted to include a variety of interests.
 We baked 52 cupcakes and 85 cookies last weekend.
Rolled some left over fondant from the monkey/beach cake for the notebook pages, some balls for the soccer balls and 3 books.
Handpainted the notebook lines and hole punches with food coloring, water and a thin brush. 
 Then I ran out of steam.  I mean, we have celebrated this birthday 4 times already.  I ditched the footballs and soccer balls and the three books and was left with notebook pages.  Hmmmm...
Thought about rock paper scissor cupcakes, but my frosting rocks did not look like rocks and I had no last minute source for candy rocks.  So we went with tiny scissors and pencils.
Kids loved 'em.  They got a kick out of eating the fondant.  8th birthday is finally in the books.

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