Friday, August 10, 2012

Tubbs Winter Wonderland Contest

Create a Tubbs Winter Wonderland board on Pinterest, pin the fun scavenger hunt items below and enter to win FLEX NRG snowshoes from Tubbs!
 1.  Someone Snowshoeing:
 2.  A dog playing in the snow
 3.  Beautiful winter landscape:
 4.  Favorite snowshoeing snack:
 5.  Snowshoeing location to try this year:
 6.  Tubbs Snowshoes:
 7.  Perfect drink to take snowshoeing:
 Winter hydration pack is essential for long snowshoe trips!
 8.  Comfy winter shoes:
 9.  Beautiful fireplace:
10.  Best adventure quote:
Create your own board and enter to win!

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