Thursday, August 9, 2012

Strawberry Swirl Cake

For a cinch in a pinch...
A little miscommunication (although, I was pretty clear with communicating on my end) led me to an after-hours scramble to get a cake made, frosted and delivered to a private cottage at work.  I had about a 45min window while the member (who was to be surprised) was picking up his guests from the airport.
If you are ever in a pinch, slice some strawberries and layer them in a circle around the perimeter of the cake.  Switch directions for the next circle and repeat until you reach the center.
Pipe a boarder & done.


  1. You say "pipe a border" like it's no big deal! Haha, I tried...once....with a Ziploc bag... I guess your style of cake decorating is way out of my league. :) I'm just happy if I can find a way to put the icing on without leaving any holes.

    This looks delicious! The other cakes look fantastic. Good for you!

  2. Oh one more thing! I just noticed your website name - CLEVER. Seriously. It reminded me that I have a Pinterest account and will go right on ahead and pin this lovely cake right now. Great idea ;)



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