Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Best 4 hours of my workday

Every Tuesday in the summer and fall, I lead 3-5 hour hikes for members of the private club where I work.  The median age is approximately 65.  The group varies from week to week according to the members' schedules and I select a trail based on who has RSVP'd.
There aren't as many wildflowers this year with the drought conditions we experienced in the spring and early summer.  Here is a drooping stem of Monkshood.
 Buddy liked to place himself in the forefront of most of the photos.
This trail offers an abundance of obstacles:  balance across the fallen tree or hop across the wet rocks?
Can't go over it, gotta go under it.  Can't go under it, gotta go over it.
I love taking an older generation on a trail like this- to play like kids again.  Where else and in what situation would these 60somethings be climbing over trees, hopping rock to rock and squishing in the mud?
 2 hours up, 1.5 hours down, .5 hour rain/hail delay and 5min to the trailhead again.
This group could get out on their own and do their own hikes, but by leading them, they go further, hike a little faster, climb higher and take more risks.  It gets me out from behind my desk and I get to remind them what it is like to play!  Who will you inspire?

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