Friday, May 18, 2012

Medical School Graduation Cake & Cupcakes

My cousin graduates from medical school tomorrow and my lovely aunt asked if I would make a cake for the party at the park with all of the family after graduation ceremonies.
The party will also acknowledge my high school cousin's graduation next weekend and a friend of the family graduation with a degree in Construction Management.  I had no idea how I'd wrap all three graduations together, while keeping the doctor at the forefront.  A cake with a stethoscope, an electric guitar, and a hammer?
I gave up on the idea of going over the top and decided I'd scale down the cake, add cupcakes and incorporate school colors for the graduation caps to cover blue/white school colors of my high school cousin and green/yellow for the CSU grad.  For the hats...
 Squash a square cookie cutter.  Roll the fondant and cut out the diamond shapes.
 Use two petals of the outer edge of a flower cookie cutter for the base of the graduation hat.  Then, cut as shown below:
 Brush the bottom underside corner of the diamond with a little water and press to the base of the hat.  Voila!  Graduation hat!  You can pipe the tassel with frosting.  Add a dot in the center and then drag a line over the brim of the hat and add a few small lines for the tassel.
 My triple layer 9" cake idea became an easier double layer 6" cake- still Red Velvet (the grad's favorite).
It was late and I didn't photo document the process of making the stethoscope.  It is pretty self-explanatory...roll the fondant and/or gumpaste like a snake and use two sizes of small round cutters for the chestpiece.
 All finished at 12:21am.
The cake & cupcakes are packed and ready to be transported 150miles by my aunt later today.
Perfect fit for my 3 tiered cupcake carrier- minus one tier.  12 cupcakes on the bottom, 4 on top and the cake.
I can't make it to Denver in time for the park party, but we'll be celebrating at the adult only party tomorrow night.  A night out with no kids?!



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