Thursday, April 26, 2012

Therefore I GoLite

After buying 3 packs, 1 hydration pack, another visor, 4 water bottles, 2 more shirts, another down jacket, and a sleeping bag from the GoLite outlet and over the weekend, seems we've got quite the GoLite collection going in my household.  We stumbled upon the GoLite store on our way to the Columbia outlet (another great store/product) in the fall and have fallen in love with their products.  So much so, that I bought a pack and sleeping bag and I don't even like to camp!  I love hiking and we spend most of our weekends on a trail, but at the end of the day I want to go home, shower and crawl into a comfortable bed (best part about living in the mountains).  Now, I can't wait to set up camp this summer!

I was bragging about our GoLite gear to family over the weekend and they'd never heard of the brand.  I didn't come up with the title of the post- it's the company's motto.  Less is More.  Heck, More is Less.  Our 70L pack weighs less than 2lbs.  My sleeping bag is soft/cozy and weighs only 2lbs.  Not compensated in anyway for this post- just want to share great products from a great Colorado company.  Don't miss the 50% off sale online.  You basically can't go wrong with any of their gear.

So far, the kids have begged for me to let them sleep in my new sleeping bag each night.  No way.  Get your own.

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  1. Sharing this with my SIL who loves to hike/camp. Oh, and somehow I wasn't following you (crazy, right?), so now I am. Problem solved:)




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