Sunday, April 1, 2012

Giving away the Farm (Cake)

I post photos of my cookies/cakes to an album titled "Sugar" on my personal FB page to share with friends and family.  A friend sent me a FB message a couple of weeks ago asking if I would be interested in making a few cupcakes or cookies for her son's 1st birthday on April 1st.  We spoke and I asked what she had in mind as far as theme and/or colors.  She wasn't sure, but during the conversation she threw out "primary colors" and "farm animals".  She had already ordered a sheet cake from Costco, but wanted something for decoration.
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I asked if she had a smash cake planned for the birthday boy.  Nope.  Didn't even know what it was.  I told her I'd make a smash cake and some cookies.  I could have committed to half a dozen cupcakes and she would have been thrilled.  My daughter and I sat down and put our plan to paper.  Inspiration came from the 6" Princess Cake we made in the fall:  2 layer 6" round cake with a fondant barn on one side similar to the fondant crown on the princess cake.
I baked the two 6" chocolate rounds Friday night and stuck them in the freezer for crumb coating the following afternoon.
 Both layers crumb coated and into the refrigerator for 30 minutes.
While the cake was chilling in the fridge, I mixed fondant in the Kitchen Aid and cut a barn template out of paper to place on top of the fondant.  Cut the barn with an Exacto Knife.  Then, add white trim for the barn opening, doors and roof, and cut the picket fencing.
 The cake was frosted bright sky blue.
 I pressed the fondant barn to the side of the cake.  You want the fondant to be thick enough that it will hold its shape standing up- otherwise, it will droop and fall.
Next, I added a thin band of white gumpaste around the cake for the fencing and then attached the pickets by brushing the back of the pickets with a little water to adhere to the white band.
I used gumpaste to sculpt the farm animals.  Toothpicks offer great support, but sometimes toothpicks can be too big around for small figures.  Angel hair pasta works better for stacking the structure.  The ears, arms, and snout were secured by brushing a little water and then sticking them to the head and body.  The torso, head, and legs were secured with the Angel hair pasta.
Pipe green frosting around the base of the cake for grass using a #233  Wilton tip.  Squeeze the bag of frosting and then release some pressure as you pull up to create longer looking grass.
The cow needs spots.  I didn't feel like kneading black food coloring into the gumpaste to make just a few black spots, so I piped black frosting on top of the gumpaste for the cow's spots.  The cow also has a yellow fondant cowbell.
 The hay is yellow frosting mixed with a little cocoa powder and then piped by snipping the corner of a Ziplock bag.  Again, squeeze the frosting and pull away and down from the cake for long stringy hay.  Right side of the cake:
 Back of the cake.  My daughter really wanted to incorporate a sun into the design.  The sun is a ball of yellow fondant with toothpicks covered in yellow fondant and then inserted into the ball for sun rays.  I hand cut a cloud to place on top of the cake with the sun.
 Left side with the chicken.  The "dirt" in front of the barn door is grated milk chocolate.
 Top of the cake:
 Oink!  Moooooo!
I made sugar cookies with my son last week and planned ahead for the Farm Animal cake.  I used the Wilton Comfort Grip house cookie cutter and cut the chimney.  After cutting the chimneys, I realized I could have left the them in place to decorate as a barn solo.  Maybe next time.
The barn sugar cookies were frosted with vanilla frosting.  The white details were piped first.  Then I added the hay and grass.  The grated chocolate was added in front of the barn doors and then they looked rather plain, so I piped some farm animals in front of the doors;  sheep, chickens, cow, and a bunny.
It's so cool to be involved in other people's big days and life events.


  1. Hi Carrie!

    I am awarding you with the Liebster Blog Award!
    You can go to this link to see my blog feature about your adorable blog!



  2. Hi! I saw your link on Adventures of a DIY mom. You did amazing on that cake!!

  3. Wow, I'm just blown away by the barn and farm animals! I'm pinning it now, it's just perfect for a boy first birthday. My son has his 3rd coming up soon and he wants a construction truck theme. So I'm going to make a cake that looks like mud (easy) then put a toy bulldozer on top.


  4. O my heavens! A-mazing! I can't even get over the cake and then I saw the cookies. I host a weekly link party going on right now and I'd love for you to share at I'm following.

    1. I'm so glad you shared this at Whimsy Wednesdays! Make sure to stop back next week because your cake will be featured!

  5. That cake is amazing!!! And the cookies!!!

  6. how cute bet he had loads of fun with his cute cake come see me at

  7. This is too cute!! I love the little farm animals. Thanks for sharing at Terrific Tuesdays.

  8. Hey! Just a note to let you know that I featured you and your amazing cake on Jillify It today!!


  9. So amazing!! Looks too good to eat. Megan

  10. Carrie,

    This is an amazing cake! I would love for you to share it at my link party - I found you over at Sundae Scoop Link party. Have a great week.


  11. Stopping by from the Creative Thursday Link Party!

  12. I'm having trouble finding gum paste to make the animals with. Could they be made with fondant instead? Please excuse my lack of knowledge, this will be my first time using anything other than frosting to decorate!

    1. Yes, you could use fondant. Gum paste is a little more pliable (think chewing gum), but fondant can be used for figures.



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