Thursday, April 5, 2012

Floppy Eared Bunny Cookies

Do these bunnies look confused?  Perhaps terrified of getting their floppy fluffy ears chewed right off?
Supplies:  Sugar Cookies, Frosting (white, black, pink), Shredded Coconut, Marshmallows, Candy Sour Strings, White & Pink Jelly Beans, Ziplock bag, Scissors.
Load a Ziplock bag with white frosting and snip a corner.  Outline and fill your bunny cookie with the frosting.  You can be fairly sloppy here since the coconut will cover the frosting.
I finely chopped the coconut so there wouldn't be any long strands sticking out in every direction.  Now face plant the bunny in the coconut.

 If you press the cookie too hard into the coconut and your outline smears, just press the coconut with your fingers to reshape or use a toothpick to push the coconut to separate the ears from the head.  The  little gap between the top of the head and ears gives the cookies the floppy eared look.
Baby bunnies got eyeballs made of white jelly beans, teeth made of a white jelly bean cut in half, cheeks of a snipped marshmallow (or you could use two mini marshmallows side-by-side), and pink jelly bean snipped off at the end for the nose:
 The sour candy ropes got poked into the soft marshmallow cheeks:
The larger bunnies got big mounds of frosting for their cheeks and eyeballs.  Use a toothpick to fan out the "fur".  Pipe a little black frosting for the pupils and highlight with a sugar pearl (or dot of white frosting).  Pipe a little pink frosting on the ears. I used the sparkly pink Wilton tube of gel on these bunnies.
 The large bunnies also got full-sized pink jelly bean noses.
Floppy Eared Coconut Bunny Sugar Cookies...your days are numbered.

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