Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

Some years we have lots of family and cousins together for Easter.  This year was pretty low key (with the exception of the annual neighbor egg hunt the previous weekend which boasts 5,000+ plastic eggs hidden in the yard and up the backside of the hill).
In a hurry to get downstairs:  One shirtless. The other, inside out and backwards.
We packed a picnic Easter Brunch after 10am Mass, and walked up the trail about 100 yards to a picnic table by the creek.  The traditional Easter Braid filled with Nutella this year:
Fresh Fruit Salad, Orange Juice and Views:
Followed by a hike after brunch...
Easter Dinner Tablescape:
 Easter Braid for Brunch and Dinner?  Yes!
Red Velvet Mini Cakes for dessert:
Even with 5 siblings doing their own thing, Mom still managed to seat 13 for dinner.

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  1. Easter braid filled with Nutella? Yes, yes please, You are a genius. I've just rediscovered Nutella, but it's not the best for my waistline, so after this jar I'm on a break:)




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