Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Egg Mini Cakes

I've felt a rush to get all the Easter goodies out of the way so we can play outside for the weekend.  Here are some Easter Egg Mini Cakes I baked with the remaining batter from the Farm Animal Cake last weekend and decorated with leftover frosting:
Bake some mini cakes using this Wilton Mini Easter Egg Non Stick Cake Pan (retails $12-$14...unless you have a 40% off coupon or catch them on after Easter clearance):
Supplies:  Mini Easter Egg Cakes, Frosting in Assorted Colors, Sixlets, Scissors, Decorator Bags, Couplers, Tips.  Prep your bags of frosting.  You can see the faint pattern indentation on the mini egg cakes.  You can cover the mini cakes in frosting or fondant or pipe the frosting directly onto the cake following the indentations.
The kids both selected a mini cake to decorate.  There is no after shot of their cakes because the cakes went into their mouths before they could finish decorating.
 Bunnies went on an egg hunt:
 Bunny & Butterfly Sugar Cookies with Easter Egg Mini-Cakes:
 Kids decorated cookies, too:
 The "nest" cookies are piled about 2" high with frosting...yikes.  
These fine cookies will be served to the Easter Bunny.  Can't wait!


  1. They look delicious, no wonder your kids ate them right away! Though that means you can't look at them either, and they are so pretty.

  2. These are Beautiful! I'm sending all my cakes your way for decorating okay? Thanks for shining a light on how to decorate the decorative pan cakes. I always thought "If I frost them, then you can't see the design". I never knew you could just follow the design with a star tip.


  3. These are seriously too cute!! Thanks so much for linking up to the "Hop To It" party!! I shared these & your sugar cookie easter bunny cookies on my blog today!



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