Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Baptism Sugar Cookies

My family gathered in my hometown over the weekend for my niece's baptism.  I made chocolate cookies the weekend prior, but when I spoke with my sister and she inquired, "You mean you're not bringing sugar cookies???"...well, I had to start mixing a batch of sugar cookies.
 This is baby #15 in the lineup of grandchildren.
I went to my collection of cookie cutters and came up with an idea to replicate the baptismal gown my mother sewed for the baby.
 The egg with feet cutter and the party hat would come together to create the dress...
 I mixed royal icing and buttercream frosting at 10pm- nothing like starting cookies past my bedtime.
 The halos were sprinkled with yellow sanding sugar:
The angels and people got flesh tone royal icing and Nutella hair.  I didn't feel like mixing brown frosting and opened the cabinet to find the jar of Nutella front and center.  I was a sign from the heavens.
 The angels are holding baptismal candles
 Here is the baptismal gown my mom sewed for the baptism.  It is gorgeous!
 The gown with the beaded detail:
  I was trying to figure out what else would go with baptism.  I stacked a tiered cake cookie on top of a square scallop edge cookie to create a very layered cookie with a cross emerging from the baptismal waters.
 Baby & Mom:
 One more cross in the sky:
 Baby was awake and alert for the baptism.  She didn't make a peep!  She is such a happy little girl.
One day- when she can sink her own teeth into my cookies- she'll appreciate these cookies even more!  For now, they were made with deep love for her Mama.


  1. The love shines through the cookies.

  2. Holy cow those are amazing! They must have taken forever. I can't believe the detail! Thanks for sharing :)

    Jessica @ www.prettyprovidence.com

  3. Absolutely amazing! So much detail and thought went into these cookies. I'm so glad you have a way to show them to the baby once she gets older to appreciate them. I love the way you took different shapes and put them together to make what you were looking for. Thanks so much for sharing at Whimsy Wednesdays.



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