Wednesday, April 11, 2012

30 days of biking

Last year, I saw a link somewhere about registering to ride your bike for 30 days in April.   I clicked and registered- figuring it would be a good excuse to take time away to get out on the bike each day.  I discovered that little incentive to get on the bike each day brought us closer together as a family and we even saved some car miles biking places we might otherwise drive.  Here is a panoramic from one of our rides last year and a collage of some of the 30 days:
When I brought up the 30 Days of Biking this year, my son also pledged to ride his bike to school each day.  We hiked on Easter Sunday and got home rather late from Easter dinner at my parent's house.  As I pulled into the garage, he winced, "Oh no!  I let down my goal of riding each day."  I told him as long as it was before midnight, he still had time.  He grabbed his helmet and bike and we set off for a quick spin around the block.
While we're out on our evening rides, we often spot wildlife like this red tail fox ready to cross our path:
We had a "girl ride" a couple of nights ago and she climbed that monster hill like a champ: 
 As she was cresting the hill, a red tail hawk flew practically over her head:
 Only my girl packs a candy picnic stop for a bike ride.  We toasted (the "cheers" kind of toast) chocolate marshmallow eggs.  She rode for over an hour with me.  I think we both earned the egg.
The following night, the boys joined us and we stopped at the creek to swing on the rope.
 Then rode ahead to another creek spot to skip rocks:
 We stayed out for almost 2 hours with a solid 1:20 of riding.
 5 deer off the trail (almost smacking into us).
I'm so glad we aren't missing these experiences by being at home doing homework and laundry on a school night.  You're a few days late for 30 Days of Biking in April, but you can commit and start anytime.  

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  1. rThat's awesome! I can't wait until my kids are old enough to bike on their own.

    I found you from the UBP 12!



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