Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Succulents

When I was a florist, I had a client spending $40k+ on succulents for her home each year.  Crazy, huh?  $40k for a plant that does not thrive in the spaces she wanted them planted, so it involved a lot of succulent turnover.  When I took over the flower shop, I knew how to plant a garden container/basket and spruce up a $14 orchid to sell for $85, but I didn't know anything about succulents.  As more and more clients requested beautiful succulent gardens, I grew more and more fond of succulents and soon the succulent gardens became one of my favorites to design.
When I first moved back to CO, I missed succulents (especially my wholesale succulents).  I planted a few containers, but I couldn't get the succulents to thrive.  I knew how to care for them in SoCal climate (where I had learned), but hadn't figured out how to care for them in Colorado's drier colder climate.
Succulents need a lot of light and good drainage (fast draining soil). 
Start by placing pebbles or rocks at the base of your container before adding soil  Remove the succulent from the plastic container.  Gently press soil around the succulent (careful not to compactg the soil too much ...remember, fast draining) and top with moss or pebbles.  I like to mist the succulents & moss with a spray bottle of water.
 Try a variety of containers; from glass to concrete.
 Keep your succulents in heavy light and water every few weeks.
 Feels like Spring, but we still have weeks (months) to go of spring snow.

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  1. Luv your succulents and the little blue birds are adorable. I do "house" may succs in the house in the winter, but in AL our climate is mild enough that only lasts for about 3 months then out they go to the sunshine. Thanx for sharing, Tiffany

    Visit my blog palace sometimes!



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