Saturday, March 17, 2012

Leprechauns trapping the Leprechaun trappers

The kids set traps for the Leprechauns early in the week.  I'm pretty amazed what they can come up with on their own.  My son would be away at a birthday slumber party on the eve of St. Patrick's Day- making it a little easier for the Leprechauns to sneak in and be mischievous.  The kids set a bucket trap topped with pennies and a zip line and climbing ropes from yarn.
The sign points the Leprechauns in the direction of the "fun" aka "traps".
"Climb up, go on zip line and get gold on other side"  My favorite is "Please sign your autographs Mr. Lepourcan's" (2nd grader).
The penny bucket was designed for the Leprechauns to pull the string which would send all of the pennies to the floor- awakening the trappers.  It was well designed.  "Pull as hard as you can, gold will come."
My daughter and I made chocolate chip cookies while our son/brother was away at the sleepover.
She fell asleep on the sofa half-way through the baking.  Those sneaky little Leprechauns snuck some dough and made their own cookies.
Then they went upstairs to the kids' room to set traps of their own.  They may have tripped that penny bucket trap 3 times in the process.  First, Frog Tape was strung from the bed post to the wall/dresser.  I would be upset about this trap, because I get annoyed when the kids use my expensive Frog Tape for projects.
Then the little buggers found this can of glow in the dark Silly String.  I really don't like silly string and would never let the kids spray that stuff in the house.
The Leprechauns also got into my stash of Easter grass and dumped a whole green package in the middle of the floor.
They left their sprinkle "prints" on top of the pennies instead of being toppled by pennies.
More "prints"
Goodnight Trappers!  My daughter was carried from the sofa to my bed to sleep for the night.
Leapin' Leperchauns!  She sprung up at 6:30am, "Mom!  I was supposed to catch the Leprechauns last night!  I have to go see if they came here."
"Mom!  Mom!  You have to come in here!  Silly string?  Green tape?!  They left green cookies!  Coffee?"
"Broccoli? Wait, that's not even's Green Machine!  It's your Green Machine, Mom!" 
Somehow, the Lego men got caught up in the zipline...much to the dismay of my son when he came home from the sleepover this morning.  He wasn't very thrilled about the empty can of silly spray either.  I sure had a good laugh.
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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