Thursday, March 15, 2012

Laundry & Linen Closet Project

I really like having my washer and dryer upstairs on the same level of the bedrooms.  I have a hard enough time getting laundry done when all I have to do is walk to the hallway.  I can't imagine if I had to haul it all up and down the stairs from bedrooms to laundry room and back to bedrooms.
The laundry closet was in a sad, pitiful state.  How gross is it to clean your clothes in a filthy appliance?   I cringed Saturday as I moved a load of laundry from the washer to the dryer  and then ran downstairs to get my scrub bucket with warm soapy water and cleaning gloves.  I've lived in this house for over 2 years and it just then occurred to me that I should finally scrub the half-peeled away washer sticker from the front of the machine.
Now with sparkling machines, I decided I'd finally hang that Evertidy laundry organizer I bought at Costco a few months ago.  It wasn't doing much good sitting in the box in the garage.
As I grabbed the box from the garage, I glanced at a large piece of plywood left over from the playroom storage bench project.  I grabbed my tape measure and headed upstairs.  The space above the washer & dryer measured 72 3/4" across.  I went back downstairs and into the garage.  The piece of plywood measured 72".  Works for me!
I made sure to mount the laundry organizer as low as possible to accommodate both the organizer and the large shelf.
 Then I pieced some scraps of 1x4s and 1x2s, to avoid a 35 mile trip to the hardware store.
 The shelf measures approximately 72" L x 24" W.
I thought these Macbeth Collection cubes would be used to organize the neighboring linen closet.  They were a perfect fit for the storage bench (but the wrong color/pattern)- which means, they are a perfect fit for the same 72" long shelf.  Now the pool towels are out of reach, so the kids won't select them as bath towels. 
I spotted another scrap of 34" L x 18" W plywood (presumably left over from the office desk project) to add a lower shelf intended for towels.  Both shelves were trimmed with a piece of 1x4.
The shelves got a couple layers of semi-gloss paint (left over from the storage bench).  Can you see where this is going?  So far, this project hasn't cost me anything extra.
I had to scoot the washer over about a quarter of an inch for the lid to open freely.  My heavy bottle of tide fits on that middle shelf and the liquid will pour directly into the washer drum when I raise the lid.  In the before photo, you can see the Tide on the floor by the dryer that I'd kick closer to the dryer when I wanted to close the closet doors.
 There is still 12" of shelf space behind the paisley cubes for more storage space.
So, this is the linen closet. Obviously, a "before" shot.  I opened the door and snapped a photo.  Embarrassing.  The closet had become a mix of linens, cleaning supplies and general randomness. 
Two stacks of hand towels went into a paisley storage cube, two stacks of seasonal hand towels went into another and hats were reunited with the rest of the hats in a storage cube in the playroom storage bench.  I ended up with a spare shelf to move extra pillows, a blanket and two throw pillows taking up room in the kids' closet.
I switched out the white framed photo of the kids with the painted cork board I had just hung in my daughter's room.
The cork board is very functional in this space- a place to pin extra buttons, lonely socks, spare dollars found in pockets, and care tag instructions from various garments.  I added a little pink lemon tray for loose change, Jolly Ranchers, chapstick, Legos and all of the other little things I find in pockets.
 Not bad for a spur of the moment project...especially considering the "before" shots.
I finish a project like this and wonder why it took me so long to come up with it and/or start it in the first place.  How can you simplify your life with a quick clean up and re-organization?


  1. Stopping by from the Show Me What Ya Got Blog Hop!

  2. Nice!! Don't you love it when the stars align just for you!!? Love it, looks so functionnal. The corkboard was a good idea, too! I especially like the half shelf idea, the whole length would've made it too much. I want to do some shelving above my washer dryer space in the kitchen myself, you gave me some great insight! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love the cork board, what a great idea! Thanks for linking up to the Repurpose-Remodel-Reveal Transformation party!
    Whitney - The Rooster and The Hen

  4. You have motivated me to start some organizing projects. I have lots of closets and drawers that look like your before shot. I love all the new shelving. Thanks for sharing at Terrific Tuesdays.

  5. Great job on the laundry & closet makeover!!

    Thanks so much for linking up to my Tuesday party at Jillify It! Hope to see you again on Tuesday!


  6. Love the cork board, what a fantastic idea!

    over the door towel rack

  7. I am soooooo inspired! You did great. I love seeing "real" makeovers like this. The over the top "dream" ones look daunting and expensive. I could totally do this one too, since our issues are very similar. Awesome job!

  8. Wow!! This space looks so great now!! I love the shelving you added above your washer & dryer! Your closet looks fabulous too! Such a big difference from the "before" shot! Thanks so much for sharing & thanks for linking up to the "Organize It" party!!

  9. I am forwarding the link to this post to my husband. I keep trying to explain to him what I want our laundry room to look and function like!



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