Wednesday, March 7, 2012

iPad Messenger Bag

The iPad doesn't leave the house very often, but we were going to be in downtown Denver for a few days hanging around the convention center while my BFF's teenage daughter played in a big volleyball tournament.  The iPad was the perfect distraction for the hour gap between games.  My mom's friend passed along an iPad/tablet messenger bag pattern (my mom doesn't have an iPad, e-reader, or other tablet) so my daughter claimed the pattern, picked out coordinating fabric at the fabric store, and sewed with Grandma.  Pattern source.
The bag is so cute and practical.
 My BFF commented, "It looks like a Vera Bradley".
The bag has just the right amount of padding lined with the coordinating fabric.  The strap is thick and padded, as well, so it is sturdy and comfortable.
My daughter kept it secure- slung around her neck as a messenger bag.  .
The strap is too short for me to use as a messenger bag, but it works as a purse and there is still enough room for other things like keys/phone/camera while keeping a thin profile.
Even around the shoulder-to-shoulder crowds in some areas of the convention center, I felt like the iPad was well concealed and well protected.

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