Monday, March 5, 2012

Dollhouse Tea Party

When I was a girl, I used to wonder what it would feel like to be an only child.  2 older brothers, a twin sister, a younger brother and a younger sister = tied for the middle child.  I always thought that one day when I had kids, I'd do special days with one child at a time.  This was my special day with my daughter.
Dollhouse Inspired Tea Party
My daughter's eyes lit up when she received this dollhouse as a gift last year.  She helped with the assembly and we tucked the finished dollhouse in a corner next to her bed, but she hardly ever played with the dollhouse.  She has never been much of a doll kind of girl.  She was ready to recapture the space that the dollhouse occupies, but first, she suggested we make cookies like the dollhouse.  Then, we could take the dollhouse away to Grandma's house for the cousins to play when they come to visit.  She grabbed a pencil and paper (she is quite the list maker) and jotted down the cookie shapes and colors:  cupcakes, pillows, teapots, bathtubs, dresses, shoes, necklaces, hats, purses, pink, turquoise, yellow, blue, hot pink, etc.  We were giddy planning our "setup". 

We baked, decorated and assembled the cookies when I'd come home from work and I continued working late into the night for a couple of nights.  We made pretty little treat boxes and scrapbook paper bunting.  The paper scraps were turned into toothpick flags with the initials of our favorite people and spelled out the words "tea party" for the food.  She built the menu of deviled eggs, finger sandwiches, carrots & dip, fruit cups, chocolate cupcakes with bright blue frosting and sugar pearls, cotton candy, Speckled M&Ms and Bhakti chai.

As soon as the boys headed out the door to go skiing, 
we started prepping the food, hanging the bunting, and placing the cookies.  She picked out a dress for herself and a dress (sewn by my mother) for her doll, Marie Grace.  Her favorite two bears, Tiny & Color Bear, were invited to attend, as well.
Gazing at our cookie creations
The guests were seated.  The tea was poured.  Tea Party Time!
Tea Party Food
Deviled Eggs with Basil
Daisy Shaped PB&J
Strawberry & Grape Fruit Cups
Carrots & Greek Yogurt Dip
BLTs (our favorite of the day)
Turkey & Cheese with Avocado, Tomato & Lettuce
Dollhouse Cookies on display
 First tier: 2" handmade Treat Boxes.
Tea Party Desserts:  Cupcakes, Cotton Candy & M&Ms
Oops.  It wouldn't be a fun tea party without a spill.  Clothing changes for all!
 We moved this white shelf from next to the door to between the two windows.  The cork board was painted during our closet to office remodel, but I didn't like the scale for the office.  It was perfect for below the shelf.
Refilling the spilled chai
She played with the dollhouse more that day than she has played with it since she got it.
The boys returned from skiing as we finished cleaning up after our party.  The next day, my son came downstairs to invite me to his tea party and the four of us sat in the little chairs sipping our warm lemon water and nibbling on a second round of deviled eggs, while watching the large icicles from the roof crash down outside the windows.  My parents stopped by after I got home from a run and we showed off our setup to my mom.  She looked at the 3 levels of the dollhouse in wonderment.  She couldn't get over how she saw something new each time she looked.  She gathered a few cookies and swooped up Marie Grace along with her doll clothing trunk.  Everything else will stay for a while...including the dollhouse.


  1. OMG!!! This is so beyond fabulous!! Everything looks amazing...every detail! LOVE love the cookies and how you displayed them!! I want a dollhouse tea party:P

  2. Oh my goodness! I would really really really like to come to your tea party! pretty please!
    I even have my very own giant teddy bear that I can bring as my date....
    I just loved reading this, I could almost taste the tea!

  3. I am visiting via Centsational Girl. I adore your project. So clever!

    Happy day, happy spring, happy happy everything!

  4. I am so impressed with your cookie making skills! What a precious party. :) Visiting From Centsational Girl's Spring Party. I hope you'll stop by my blog to see my craft too. :)

  5. Wow-what an awesome tea party-following you from Kate's party-stop on by for a visit!



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