Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dollhouse Inspired Sugar Cookies

My daughter has a dollhouse and she isn't much of a doll or dollhouse girl.  We talked about taking the dollhouse to Grandma's house to put in the basement next to the mini kitchens for the cousins to play when they come to visit.  She was all for it to recapture the real estate in her bedroom taken up by the dollhouse...but first, she said, "Let's do a dollhouse cookies and we can make a set up!"
She love to make lists, so we sat in front of the dollhouse and made a list of the cookies we could make and the colors we would use to decorate the cookies.
Cupcakes, tea pots, pillows, flower pots, watering cans, rubber duckies, bathtubs & bubbles, dresses, shoes, hats, necklaces, purses, plates with eggs.  We sorted through the cookie cutters.  I don't have any dress cutters, so I free handed with an Exacto knife.
 I doubted I'd ever use that teeny-tiny flower cutter, but it was perfect.  I don't have many round cutters, so I used a Wilton tip for the small circles.
Icing the yellow cookie collection:
Icing the blue cookie collection:
I think my favorite to make was the necklace bust display:
Hot pink cookie collection:
We have big plans for this set:
I had some royal blue frosting to use up, so we added a royal blue & white cookie collection:
Tiffany Blue dress and accessories cookie collection:
Flower pot cookies with watering can:
Mini-cupcake cookies:
It was fun layering the cookies with smaller cookies to create a more 2D feel:
Dollhouse cookie set:
The cookies are all ready and waiting for our "set up"...coming soon!  I can hardly wait to share it with you.
Ready?  Here's the Dollhouse Inspired Tea Party!


  1. My favorite is the bathtub with bubbles!!!! All are absolutely amazing!



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