Monday, March 19, 2012

(Blog) Photo worthy

Just when I think I'm doing most of this parenting thing right, one of my kids will come along and share something that stops me right in my tracks...leaving me questioning myself, "How did that one slip under my radar?"  The other day, it came from my daughter:  "You never let me do cookies, Mom."  "What do you mean?" I asked, "I always let you do cookies with me."
 "Yeah, but you don't ever take photos of my cookies.  You just take photos of yours."
 "Ohhhhhh.  Well, then next time we do cookies, I'll make sure to take photos of your cookies too, okay?"  She is my right hand girl.  I involve her as much as I can in projects.  I praise her work and build her up.  I take photos of her creations, but I rarely share her solo works on this blog. I get it.  I was looking for an excuse to delay putting away the laundry and asked if she wanted to decorate a few cookies for fun.
 "Mom, do these cookies have to look all professional?"  "Professional?"  Is that what she thinks?  I said, "No, of course not."
 I had cookies left over from the dollhouse batch.  I found some left-over blue frosting from the tea party cupcakes in a container in the fridge.  As we frosted the blue background, I said, "You know...these are starting to look like cookies I've seen recently."  We got online.  Yep, pretty similar to these by Sugarbelle. 
 She followed my steps.
 We chose a few flower cookies to make sheep.  She dunked the sheep in coconut.  Two small flowerpot cookies would work for faces.
She broke apart a few cookies from our left-over cookie stash to fashion a head-to-toe bunny and decorated a few by her own direction.
She held a small notepad in her hands last week and said, "So I need to learn to bake and to decorate for when I'm older."  "Oh yeah?" I questioned.  She said, "So I can have a shop."  I asked her, "Is that what you want to do when you grow up?"  She said, "Yes.  Either a bakery or a pet shop."  "Did you know that there are some bakeries that only bake for pets?  Like doggie treats and biscuits."  She said, "Best of both!  I could call it My Pet Shop Bakery."  I said, "Even could sell doggie treats to the dogs and real treats to the people."  "Yes!"

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