Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's Sugar Cookies...Iced

For my first shot at royal icing, I'm sort of crushing on these cookies.  Thanks to all of the wonderful cookie bloggers who inspired me to finally try royal icing.  I started the cookies here, but didn't finish decorating all of the cookies until the following night after work.  I kept it simple with a red, black and white color scheme (also because I didn't want to prep a bazillion colors in bags and squeeze bottles).
The large hearts were my favorite to decorate.
 The smaller hearts were fun and whimsical.
 Hugs and Kisses Cookies
 The shoes.  Oh my....the shoes.
 How cute are they (aside from my very imperfect technique)?
 For all of my single ladies, te high heel cookies reminded me of a Carrie Bradshaw quote from Sex and the City.  
Yes, we got a kick out of decorating the high heeled shoe cookies.  


  1. Great job with the icing! Especially the lace/henna pattern. That can be really tricky and you did it perfectly! Hooray for you!

  2. I Love this! We just posted our 2nd Kitchen Fun and Crafty Friday Link Party today and would love for you to share this!



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