Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentine's Day Inspired Party

A week early Valentine's Day party just for us?  Okay.  Why not?  My "get a jump on baking plans" fizzled when we decided to take all of our newly baked treats and create a fun Valentine's Day dessert display in her room.  Now she'd like to keep a revolving dessert display set up in her room...go figure.
Most everything the light touches was crafted by us:  sugar cookies decorated with royal icing, eat your heart out chewy chocolate cookies, vanilla buttercream cupcakes, raspberry and blackberry fresh fruit skewers, Godiva chocolate hearts filled with Nutella, red felt heart garland, looped red ribbon wall hanging and white ribbon charger, ribbon trimmed fabric wall hanging and red tissue paper pom-pom.
I visually planned our display while my eyes were closed to fall asleep.  The baking was complete by Wednesday night.  Our Friday night was spent on projects.  Everything turned out exactly how I had imagined.
The sugar cookies decorated with red, black and white royal icing ultimately established our color scheme.
White serving platters to display the treats.
 White cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting above "eat your heart out" chewy chocolate cookies:
 Raspberry and blackberry fresh fruit skewers:
 Fruit skewers adorned with Valentine's ribbon and foam hearts:
 Frozen Strawberry Limeade:
 Looped red ribbon wall hanging:
 Red tissue paper pom-pom:
For the better part of the day we played stylists, nibbled, sipped and simply admired what we are able to create.  It felt like we should have invited 5 other little girls to come over and play.
We eventually allowed the boys a pass upstairs and they snatched our smoothies and subtly mocked our little party without party goes, but we didn't care.  This is a day she'll look back on and say, "Remember that day we made the Valentine's Day party display in my room?" and that is so worth setting up a party just for two.

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  1. super cute! :) You should enter your photos from this project into Craftbaby's Hearts Craft Challenge :-) http://www.craftbaby.com/contests/43/those-tiny-toes-hearts-craft




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