Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ribbon Platter Charger

After creating our red ribbon wall hanging for our Valentine's Day Inspired Party, we decided we'd make a similar piece to use as a platter charger using a coordinating white and black polka-dot wire ribbon.
Glue the ends of the ribbon to create a loop:

 Glue the loops to the outer edge of a cutout cardboard circle for the base:
 Add another layer or two of ribbon (depending on the size of your intended platter):
You don't have to finish the charger all the way to the center of the base.  Here, we trimmed the loop ends of the last layer by folding and gluing the ribbon over in a circle.
Overhead view of the charger below the high heel shoe cookies:
The ribbon charger adds a little extra frill and breaks up all of the white platters.

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