Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Red heart ribbon Valentine's Day wall hanging

This is the wall hanging we used for our Valentine's Day Inspired Party.  Costco has been a great source of floral/fabric ribbon- selling spools of 50 yards for only $7.99  We found this red ribbon with hearts from their spring ribbon display last week.  I knew we could create some sort of wall hanging and decoration and still have 45 yards of ribbon to use for the next 5-10 years.
Supplies:  wire ribbon, scissors, hot glue gun, glue sticks, cardboard, felt.
Cut 14" and 12" strips.  The longer strips will go on the first (outer) layer and third layer.  The smaller strips will fill in for the second & forth layers.
Cut a round piece of cardboard for the base.  I placed a large dinner plate on top of the cardboard and drew around the plate with a pen and then cut out the circle.
 Fold each strip of ribbon in half (end-to-end) to form a loop and add a dot of hot glue to adhere the two ends..
 Glue the ribbon loops around the outer edge of the circle base:
 Move two inches down to glue another circle of the 14" strip:
 See the cardboard space between the rows?  Fill in with the shorter ribbon loops.
 Add another circle of looped ribbons:
I was going to create a heart shape pillow to glue to the middle and then decided to simplify it by cutting a heart shape from a piece of black felt and a smaller heart from a piece of red glittery felt.  For the backdrop, we used a piece of Robert Allen red/black/white floral fabric:
Once the fabric was level, we trimmed with a looped ribbon boarder.  Linking the loops of ribbon created a more 3D visual than the accompanying long strip of red ribbon for the outside boarder.
I used a push pin in the center of the cardboard wall hanging to secure to the wall and placed the felt hearts over the push pin.
We repeated the looping/gluing process to create the white/black polka-dot charger under the high heel cookies in the photo above.  Tutorial here.
The tissue paper pom-pom is best described here.  The heart garland was made with hearts cut out of felt on  twine draped on the dresser handles.  The platters are an assortment from Ikea, PierOne, Costco, Target.  The set of 3 black lanterns were purchased from OneKingsLane (who provides the most outstanding customer service).

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  1. okay, I read the later posts first, and I totally thought was wallpaper!! Cute background!



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