Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Office in a closet updates

Where were we on this project?  I left off revealing the photo ledges and shelf curtain for my kids' new home office in a closet project back in November.
 This was the "before":
This is after removing the door and clothes bar support brackets, building a lower (under the curtain) shelf, L-shaped desk top and photo/book ledges, and giving everything a fresh coat of white paint:
I made a custom upholstered pin board and the rest of the project went on hold for the holidays, the after holidays break, tons of baking, birthdays, etc.
Over the weekend I got back to the closet and added the WallPops vinyl calendars I ordered months ago.  Just peel and stick (with a level and tape measure, of course, because I'm a perfectionist).  These calendars are removable and they write/erase very well.
I stuck the pen to the former hanging bar bracket support so it is hidden under the curtain from the kids, yet accessible and find-able for me.
I had purchased 2 clear desk pads from the new Ikea that opened in CO (good thing it is a couple hundred miles from home) for $6ea that were the perfect width for the desktop to protect the white painted surface.  You can barely see them.
I needed to fill the blank pin board as it was intended:
The shelf curtain is so perfect to hide the clutter that is sometimes thrown/shoved on the shelf.  It is hung on the clothes bar mounted under the shelf.
The dinky closet light fixture mostly shaded the desk.  There are no outlets in the closet, so I bought a solar lamp from Ikea that worked as a decent spot light on the desk surface.  I wanted more light, so I decided on a chandelier light fixture from Overstock.  It hangs about 15" down from the ceiling so the light really beams on the work surface.  It's perfect with daylight bulbs.
I had the lime green storage baskets for the shelves and two 3-drawer carts that I put on opposite corners beneath the desk for extra craft storage.
The only thing left for this project is the chair.   I love how the back of the chair ties in so well with the Suzani print in the fabric of the curtain.  It is a high quality, solid chair.  I contemplated refinishing the chair and painting it the same color we used on the jewelry box makeover (scroll up to the photo with the wall calendars/desk pads), but I don't have the heart.  Seems like too high quality of piece to paint over and it ties in with the wood frame on the bulletin board.   I do plan to reupholster the seat.  I'll get to it around to it one of these weekends.
When I decide on a project, I am usually in a rush to get it started and get it finished.  I could have done it all in a weekend, but it was nice to slow down and work in stages.  I think working in stages has helped me appreciate the space more.  It started out as a space for the kids to have a place to do homework.  The reality is, I like them doing homework in front of me at the kitchen counter while I'm trying to prepare dinner and not splatter their papers with water from doing the dishes.  This space is mine.  I'll admit it...I'm a closet hog.


  1. I am stopping by from the UBP. I love this office in a closet. It is great - so organized and an amazing way to use a small space.

  2. Love your creative and cute office space. Very nice.



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