Friday, February 17, 2012

Guitar Cupcakes

Birthday week extended into birthday weeks.  My son's teacher combined the 3 February birthdays into one birthday celebration.  One mom brought ice cream, one mom brought chocolate covered strawberries, and I brought cupcakes.
Last year, I delivered these dog cupcakes for his classroom birthday celebrations.  Last week, I served this Club Penguin Puffle Roundup cake to six of his close buddies.  Last night, it was time to step up to 3rd grade coolness.
I mixed a batch of royal icing and we picked 3 bold colors for the 4 styles of electric guitars.  I also mixed silver and black icing for the guitar details and then piped the guitars onto parchment paper to dry overnight.  Oh yeah, I still had to bake the cupcakes at 9:30pm.
Is it better to pipe details onto wax paper or parchment paper?  I piped the Puffle faces on wax paper and didn't have any breakage.  I thought the guitars would dry faster/harder on parchment, but I wonder if they would have stayed intact on wax paper.
Most of the handles cracked as I was removing the guitars from the parchment paper, but it worked to reconnect the guitar handle through the frosting, as though I had planned it this way from the get go.
I also piped a few d's, m's and c's for the 3 birthday kids' names and added them to a dozen of the cupcakes so they'd feel like the cupcakes weren't just my son's cupcakes.
"You made those?!"  "Can I have the purple one?"  "I want a green guitar!"  "You are like the coolest mom ever."  "When do we get a cupcake?"  "We can eat the guitar, too?"  "This is our best party so far."  
Rockstar Royal Icing Guitar Chocolate Cupcakes with Buttercream Frosting & 3rd graders.  Both rock.



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