Friday, February 3, 2012

Going out for lunch

I have an hour for lunch each day.  I could drive ten minutes towards town to eat somewhere and/or run errands, but I'd rather drive ten minutes in the opposite direction.
 A ten minute drive in the opposite direction lands me on this steep, quiet, snow packed trail.  No errands.  Just run.
The trail climbs through naked aspen trees and snow tipped spruce and fir.  The trees creak in the wind as though doors are opening.
 The aspens know I'm there.  They seem to keep watch at 8500'.
 Weeping eye.
 Back to my desk with my lunch and a warm cup of tea.  I keep my Yogi tea tags.
When I'm out there, it doesn't feel like I've been to work at all.  When I'm back, it doesn't feel like I just slipped away to a place so remote.  And that is why I go.

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