Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fresh Fruit Skewers and Frozen Strawberry Limeade Smoothie

When I turned my back, the first thing she grabbed from our Valentine's dessert table was a fresh fruit skewer and frozen strawberry limeade smoothie.  Atta girl.
The fruit skewers were striking, yet simple.  Supplies:  ribbon from Target ($1), skewers (on hand), foam hearts purchased to decorate classroom Valentine's boxes ($0.75), fresh raspberries & blackberries from Costco ($7).  
Cut about 3.5" ribbon.  Fold the ribbon in a circle and add a dot of hot glue to hold together.  Add a ring of hot glue towards the flat end of the skewer stick and place in the middle of the circle of ribbon.  Press the ribbon to the stick to create the sides of the "bow":
Add a small foam heart to the center of the bow to finish.  Alternate fresh raspberries and blackberries by piercing the fruit with the pointed end of the skewer and sliding the fruit up the skewer to stack the berries.
This is a perfect "healthy snack" to serve at upcoming Valentine's Day classroom parties.

Now, on to the smoothies.  We make these all the time.
 Ingredients:  Frozen strawberries ($9) & Simply Limeade ($3).
Add a handful of strawberries to the blender and pour in 2-3 cups of Simply Limeade.  Blend until smooth.
Plastic cups from the grocery store ($1) and red striped bendy straws (on hand).


  1. oooooo...I would love a strawberry limeade smoothie right now!!! Can I come over and play?



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