Friday, February 10, 2012

Club Penguin Cake

Yesterday was my son's Golden Birthday.  He turned 9 on the 9th!  I asked him to plan his cake and he ran to his bedroom to get a Club Penguin (online Disney game and merchandise line) card that had a scene called Puffle Roundup.  He wanted white cake and chocolate cake.  The card had a Club Penguin Penguin lassoing a Puffle.  We started can we make the Puffles?
 First, two chocolate cakes went into the oven.
 Then 2 white cakes went into the oven:
 As the cakes baked, we whipped up a batch of Rice Krispie treats:
 3T melted butter, 1 bag of marshmallows, 6 cups of cereal.
 We formed squashed balls in the shape of the Puffles and then piped short fur with a Wilton 233 tip:
 Using a Wilson 352 tip, we piped the long hair on the tops of the Puffle's heads.
 Pink Puffle:
I used my left over royal icing from the Valentine's cookies to make Puffle faces.  Pipe the black outline, flood with white and then pipe the black eyes.  Add a small spot of white to the eyeballs when dry.
Next Puffle:  Blue.  I just saw this tip and I'll come back to reference when I find it again later.  Place your frosting in the middle of piece of plastic wrap.  Twist the ends and insert into a decorator bag to keep the bag clean.  Genius.
 Piping the blue fur:
The Penguin is made out of gumpaste and Rice Krispie treats.  I used a Rice Krispie treat in the same shape of the Puffles as the base for the Penguin and covered it in green gumpaste.  The top half of the penguin is all gumpaste.  He probably measured 4.5" tall.  I shaped the arms and secured with a toothpick.  I cut the shape of the white with an Exacto knife and laid it on the front of the penguin to use as a pattern to cut out a layer of green gumpaste so the white gumpaste could be inlaid.  All that's left is a beak, feet, and eyeballs.
I also cut round circle to make the Club Penguin gold coins.  You earn gold coins in the game and I wanted to incorporate them into the cake for the Golden Birthday.  I pressed one of the plastic gold coins into the middle of the circle.  It has a jumping fish with a "1".
The cakes were assembled:  two squares stacked with two half rounds butted up to the end of the square.  Another half round was added to make a full circle with the half round chocolate and then the other half round white cake was stacked to create a third layer:
To support the weight of the penguin, I carved out a half circle in the top layer half round and then piled on the buttercream frosting to look like snow.
The figures went on the cake and then I piped a lasso around the blue Puffle and trees on the side.
He watched me decorate the Pink Puffle, Red Puffle, Blue Puffle.  He saw the sculpted Penguin and gold coins before he went to school.  I took the day off from work to have lunch with him at school and to host a few boys over after school for cake.  This was his first view of the cake all put together:
It was one of my favorite moments.  
Aside from the day I gave birth to this 9lb baby boy, this was my favorite birthday celebration with him.
I think he feels the same and will remember this birthday for years to come.
The itouch pretty much sealed the deal.


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