Monday, January 9, 2012

Snowman Mini-Cakes

My niece turned 7 yesterday and we were invited to a swimming party in an outdoor pool at one of the local resorts.  By the way, it was 8F outside yesterday...but you almost couldn't tell in the 104F hot tubs.
I volunteered to bring the birthday cakes.  After all of that holiday baking I just wasn't in the mood to get things mixing and mess with piping bags and deal with a messy kitchen, but the end result and the smile on her beautiful little face made it soooooo worth the effort.
I thought of her when I bought this Wilton Snowman Mini-Cake pan on clearance after the holidays for around $3.  Spray the pan with non-stick spray and fill 3/4 full.  Bake your mini-cakes at 350F for about 17 minutes and cool:
I've steered away from the mini-cake pans because they don't seem practical once you bake the cake and just cover it with frosting, how can you tell what it is?  Well, you can't really tell until you begin adding details.  Use the empty pan as a guide for where to stick the details.  I usually ask my daughter to hold the piping bag open for me, but you can fold it over the top of a cup to spoon your frosting into the bag.  I have a bunch of elastic hairbands that I use to cinch the end of frosting bag.
Start by piping frosting up and down the sides of the snowmen (except around the hats of the snowmen).  Then, cover the top of the mini-cake with frosting and swirl the frosting around with the tip to give it more of a snow-packed texture.  For the fondant aprons, roll your fondant and use a flower shaped cookie cutter to cut the shape of the apron.  Using your Exacto knife, slice a straight line through the center of the flower so you have a half circle.  Cut small strips of fondant to attach to the sides of the apron for apron strings down both sides of the snowman:
For the snowman's scarf, roll your fondant and cut long strips and short strips.  At the ends of the small strips, cut small lines for the fringe on the scarf.  Place a small strip with fringe on the mini-cake.  Then, drape the longer strip from one side of the snowman to the other side.  Now, place another small strip of fondant with fringe on the top (you can use a dab of frosting so it will stay in place).  For the snowman's nose, roll a small piece of orange fondant in your hand and shape like a cone.  Insert a toothpick in the fat end of the carrot and trim the toothpick.  Use another toothpick or your Exacto knife to make small indents in the fondant to look more like a carrot:
Add black round sprinkles for the eyes and colored sprinkles for the buttons.  For the knit hats, pipe stripes going in different directions and keep layering until you get your desired look. Finish off the hats with a small band of zig-zag piping or just dots of frosting to create the fold in the hat.
Supply List:  Snowman Mini-Cake Pan, cake mix, non-stick cooking spray, frosting (white, pink and dark purple), piping bag, coupler, tip #2 & #18, rolling pin, Exacto knife, fondant (pink & orange), small flower cookie cutter, toothpicks, sprinkles (black, lime green, purple, blue).
 Snowman Mini-Cake with scarf:
 Snowman Mini-Cake with apron and knit hat:
 So bright and cheerful!
 I think I may like mini-cakes more than cupcakes now.
The kids couldn't wait to dive into these snowman mini-cakes.


  1. Prelepo, super ideja, fotografije su divne :)))

  2. What a great post! Would you please share this with our readers for fun stuff fridays?



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