Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kale Juice

Want to feel great in the morning?  You don't need coffee.  Grab some kale.  I bought two beautiful bunches of organic kale to return to my morning kale juice ritual.  Snap a few handfuls of the kale leaves, tear apart (stems okay) and shove them into a food processor.  The mini-prep is just the right size.  Add about a cup of water, juice of one small lemon or half of a large lemon (seeds okay), swirl about a tablespoon of organic blue agave on top of the kale.  Over and chop and/or grind until the leaves are little bits.
Strain over a bowl using a sieve and the back of a spoon to drain excess juice.  Discard kale pulp and lemon seeds.
 You're left with this smooth-as-silk frothy green goodness:
This is an instant glass of feel-good.  You can't help but feel good when you drink something this green.  It's full of calcium and antioxidants.  It may be all in my head, but my eyes and teeth seem whiter after I've had a few servings.
 Everyone in my house asks for a sip...which turns out to be quite a few gulps.
I've served this to just about everyone who has ever come over to my house.  Try it.  You'll be surprised.

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  1. I add spinach and kale to my fruit smoothies all of the time. Some of the kids' friends aren't too keen on the color but they taste great and I feel great knowing we're getting an extra punch of vitamins!



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